Tax Investigation Protection

  •  Anyone who completes a  Corporate, Value Added or Personal Tax Return could be selected for investigation at random
  •  The number of investigations by HMRC equates to almost 1,000 per day
  •  HMRC can turn up unannounced to inspect a business’s records
  •  Investigations can last for months-even years-and can prove costly in terms of professional fees to fight any attack by HMRC
  •  Even if your records and accounting are exemplary you could still be chosen for investigation

At Gordon Ferguson we operate an insurance scheme to protect our clients from costly fees as a result of a tax investigation. This is a nominal premium paid annually and has the following benefits:-

  •  It ensures that someone who knows your affairs is handling the investigation on your behalf
  •  It covers up to a maximum of £75,000 of defensive accounting fees
  •  It allows us to spend as much time as it takes to resolve any potential taxation issues arising from the investigation
  •  Our experience in dealing with HMRC will benefit the business in facilitating a smooth and speedy resolution to potential problems
  •  The scheme covers Directors and sole traders/partners personally as well as the business/company

The scheme also includes access to an employee helpline giving advice on such matters as :-

  •  Discipline and dismissal procedures
  •  Gross misconduct
  •  Health and safety issues
  •  Commercial legal issues such as:
    • Landlord & Tenancy
    • Company Law
    • Copyright & Patents