Scottish Enterprise – Who are they?

Scottish Enterprise’s objectives are to stimulate economic growth, exploit low carbon opportunities, improve Scotland’s business infrastructure and to support businesses.

Scottish Enterprise – How can they help my company?

If your company is a start-up company or a relatively young company then we would suggest talking to the Business Gateway Lanarkshire. They will be able to help with grant funding, business funding, identifying business premises and providing training and network events.

Where your company is well established or has great potential for fast growth then we would advise to give us a call when we can introduce you to a business adviser at Scottish Enterprise. Scottish Enterprise can:

  • Help identify new markets, either domestic or international
  • Maximise your productivity and improve efficiencies
  • Support to help you adopt innovative approaches to improve your existing products or services
  • Support to help you develop new products and services

What Grant and Loan Support is available from Scottish Enterprise?

Scottish Enterprise offer various grants and funding options to businesses of all sizes for research and development, co-investment and technological innovations. Scottish Enterprise will provide guidance on the most appropriate grant for you and support you throughout the application process.

Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

RSA encourages businesses to undertake investment that will directly result in the creation or safeguarding of jobs in Scotland. Both indigenous and foreign companies can apply with the resulting impact on employment helping to ensure Scotland’s economy remains globally competitive.
RSA is a discretionary grant scheme, so there are a number of criteria to be met for an application to be successful. The amount offered is dependant on the size of your business, location of the project and our assessment of how much is needed for the project go ahead. There are three tiers of assisted areas in Scotland reflecting different maximum levels of grant assistance potentially available.

Scottish Investment Bank

The Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) offers a range of investment funds, designed to help Scottish businesses at different stages of growth, including:

  • The Scottish Seed Fund
  • The Scottish Co-investment Fund
  • The Scottish Venture Fund
  • The Scottish Loan Fund

Where are Scottish Enterprise based?


New Lanarkshire House,
Dove Wynd,
Strathclyde Business Park ,



Atrium Court,
50 Waterloo Street,
G2 6HQ

For further details on how Scottish Enterprise can help your company please give us a call on 01698 440330.