Aldermore was formed in 2009, despite the nation being in the middle of a recession, after their management team secured the support of AnaCap. Anacap is one of Europe’s largest private equity investment firms.

Aldermore – What can they offer my small business?

Aldermore Invoice Finance

Aldermore Invoice Finance is a fantastic option for funding your business.  Aldermore confidential invoice finance allows you to release funds of up to 90% from your debtor’s book.

Advantages of Aldermore Invoice Finance:

  • Your customers will not be aware that you are using the bank to fund your business
  • You are responsible for chasing your customers for payment which we often find will accelerate payments as you build relationships with the finance team of your customers
  • Funds generated are far greater than you could raise from a business overdraft
  • Allows management to have the confidence to grow their business with the assurances that funding will be available to them
  • Bad debt protection insurance is available which gives director’s the comfort of knowing their customers are insured in the unfortunate event of liquidation
  • Aldermore are prepared to fund new start companies, phoenix companies and companies with significant HM Revenue & Customs debts
  • All data input can be done online with minimum disruption to your business day

Aldermore Factoring

Aldermore factoring is the perfect funding option for small businesses that have very little personal funds to start the business. We often suggest factoring for companies who have a small team as they can use the experienced team at Aldermore as their accounts department.

Advantages of Aldermore Factoring:

  • Aldermore will chase all debts from your customers when the fall due. This can include telephone calls requesting payment, issuing statements to customers and if required letters threatening legal action
  • Funds raised are far greater than those available via a business overdraft
  • Allows management to fund their business without the need for personally funding or security over their personal home
  • Bad debt protection is available which protects you in the event one of your customers goes bust
  • Aldermore factoring is available to newly formed companies, companies created on the back of administration or liquidation and companies with debts outstanding to HMRC

To discuss Aldermore Factoring and Invoice Finance please give us a call on 01698 440330 and we will happy answer any questions you may have. We also offer a FREE brokering service where we will secure you the best funding available to your company.